Thursday, May 28, 2009

Japan: update

Japan still rules. I'm having way more fun this time around and I don't want to leave. Maybe it's the fact that it's not freezing cold and we're here with friends. The 2nd show in Shibuya wasn't as packed but it was still fun. Yesterday we had a day off so we went to lunch with our friends Miki and Gucci from Sony Music Japan, then we went to Harajuku where we spent wayyyy too much money at Kiddyland (a 6-story toy store), then walked around a bit. Here are some of the highlights of the past 2 days...

Lunch with Miki & Gucci
A Loss For Words Endcap display at the 7-story Tower Records in Shibuya, NBD
Spotted this giant Terminator at some Nike promo in Harajuku
We then went to dinner with Graham, Yuta, and Tome from Inyaface at our favorite udon restaurant in Shinjuku. On the way we stopped at a pet store and I found these cute but retarded-looking kitties...

I ordered the scrambled egg one, it's the jam.
Hangin' tough with Tome

Today we woke up super early and hopped on the bullet train to Nagoya. On the way Junior pulled out one of his McDonald's cheeseburgers from last night that he'd saved as a snack... disgusting.
"Don't judge me"
Apparently the ATMs here get sad when you cancel your transaction:

The Nagoya show tonight was really small (150 kids) but we could tell they had a good time. After the show we all went to some chicken wing spot and ate a bunch of really weird food. Tomorrow is our last show in Japan, Osaka!


Soo said...

dude, i hope you're syked for australia. i'll bring you limes (i want to see those fucking tats). put yo hood up, adelaide (last aus tour sho) FUCKING DO THAT SHIT. if it doesnt go off you can punch me in the face, no lie.

Julia said...

those kittens are precious!

i got tickets to see you guys in august at glasshouse in pomona. it's still a while from now, but so stoked! i was @ glasshouse on tuesday, dont really like that venue but it's coool. hahah.

haruka said...

hi! i didnt know you have your own blog.
anyway, so glad that you enjoyed your stay in japan:)
i get crazy everytime i remember the show in osaka
cuz it was SOOO much fun!

cant wait for the new album and
the day you come back to japan!


sapy said...

Did you have fun in Japan?

that was a great show night in osaka!!
thank you for the night at rock rock! :)
i had a great time! <3
Nice to have met you!

please come back soooon.haha!


RighteousJoana said...

Lol Best ATM machines ever, thats so silly